FES Miami Newsletter March 2018

Dear Miami Chapter,

First and foremost, we wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to the victims, families, and friends affected by the Parkland shooting. It is always a tragedy when life is lost but it is excruciating when the life lost is that of an innocent young person. We wish survivors a speedy recovery and send our prayers to those who lost loved ones.

This past month, we had the opportunity to participate in National Engineer’s Week, host the MATHCOUNTS competition, and enjoy a celebration with our peers at the conclusion of engineer’s week. To all of our sponsors and volunteers, a BIG thanks from our entire Board of Directors. All of this would not be possible without your continued support.

On that note, we wanted to take an opportunity to highlight the major benefits of your FES Membership:

Networking – FES provides members access to a large range of engineers of differing backgrounds that would otherwise be inaccessible. This had led to members creating partnerships, being promoted, new career opportunities, and many other career enhancing aspects. Participation on FES committees provides the chance for your voice to help lead and shape the engineering industry in Florida.

Community Service – FES gives you ways to give back to your community. From helping promote STEM with MATHCOUNTS competitions, to redeveloping or helping improve social projects within our community; FES members take pride in their community and making the world a better place.

Advocacy – FES is tasked with protecting and defending the interest of all engineers within the state of Florida. That’s a big job! With over 50,000+ Florida licensed PEs, FES continues to defend you and the engineering field at the capitol in Tallahassee. With your membership into FES, you help provide Florida engineers a louder and clearer voice to be heard in the Tallahassee.

Continuing Education – FES provides up-to-date continuing education in a networking atmosphere. From the 4-6 events annually (Winter Water Seminar, GMEC Conference, Transportation Conference, Annual Conference, etc) that are hosted throughout the state, to the PDHs that your local chapter offers; you can get all of your required continuing education completed at a discounted rate and while interacting with other professional engineers.

News – Up to date news is provided digitally via website, email, and EngiNews newsletter. The FES Journal also provides current content on important topics throughout engineering disciplines; from typical content about Energy, Water, and Transportation to Engineering Technology in the 21st Century, Automated Vehicles, and Smart Cities.

Several of you have heard me mention the changes in membership between NSPE and FES. The most important thing for everyone to understand, is that your April NSPE renewal will NOT renew your FES membership.

NSPE will be billing our members in April – this billing will NOT INCLUDE Florida membership. Florida (FES) membership will be billed in October – this billing will cover Florida membership BUT NOT NSPE.

For detailed information regarding NSPE/FES please go to the following link:

New Membership Adopted by NSPE


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