FES Mentorship Program

Welcome to the Mentorship Team!!!

Thank you for your participation in our program. We are excited to begin our mentorship program for the 2022 Fall semester between engineering students at the University of Miami, Florida International University, Miami Dade College, and Nova Southeastern University with engineering professionals from all types of engineering, local engineers and engineers from throughout the state. Not only is this a great opportunity for professionals to meet and connect with talented students, but it is also a great networking opportunity for students to expand his or her network and connect with professionals in the field of engineering. The FES Miami Chapter is collaborating with its members, members of sister organizations, and the alumni associations for each school to serve as the pool of mentors.

The program will consist of three (3) scheduled virtual or phone calls, taking place approximately once a month during the current semester. In addition to your welcome letter, we have provided a Program Meeting Structure that assigns topics to start and guide each conversation. The topics chosen to highlight all things engineering, career, professionalism, social and life outside of work. Meetings should be scheduled during regular business hours at a time that works for both the mentor and mentee.

It is important to understand that your sessions are not limited to the topics we assign, and we encourage mentors and mentees to explore different topics, if they so choose. The advantage of this program is to gain a deeper insight into the engineering industry outside of what you can grasp in a traditional setting, job fair, etc.

Thank you again for joining the program. We hope to foster new connections that will serve both the mentor and mentee throughout their career and life.

Happy Networking!!!

Apply Now:

Program Meeting Structure 

First Session (Introductions): 

Mentor Background
    • Born/Raised 
    • Education/Degree(s) earned 
    • Career(s)/Job(s) 
    • Path to Engineering 
    • Successes and Failures along the way 
    • Lessons Learned 
Mentee Background
    • Born/Raised 
    • Education/Degree path 
    • Path to Engineering 
    • Career interests 
    • Current goals and outlook 

Second Session (Getting a job): 

 Job Fairs
    • Dress 
    • Elevator speech 
    • How to approach professionals 
    • Do’s and Don’ts 
    • Networking in a virtual world 
    • Organization 
    •  Items to include and those to not include 
    • Catering to your audience 
    • Cover Letters 
    • References 
    • Best way to prepare
    • Questions o Proactive Work – Research company
    • Follow-up interview questions
    • Follow-up after the interview

Third Session (Professionalism):

Office Etiquette
    • Attire
    • Communications Skills
    • Working with others
    • Company/Organizational culture
Career Progression
    • Mastering soft skills (along with technical)
    • Moving Up (Proving yourself)
    • Role of Professional Societies
    • Taking on additional responsibilities
    • Management vs. Leadership o Leadership Development and Promotions
Mental Health and Well Being
    • Time management
    • Work/Life Balance
    • Life outside work
    • Preventing burnout


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