Eduardo (Eddie) Suarez, PSM, founder and principal at Longitude Surveyors, is a licensed professional land surveyor in Florida. He has 36 years of private and public survey experience, where he oversees the overall direction of the firm on a variety of large-scale infrastructure and institutional projects. His experience of projects, large and small, has given him expertise in all forms of survey data collection, processing, and mapping.

Eduardo “Eddie” Suarez began his surveying career working for a local prominent surveying firm in 1985. That firm did a significant amount of work for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District VI. So, Eddie gained intimate knowledge working down in the Florida Keys both as an instrument person and then as a Crew Chief over the course of many years surveying for the FDOT, as their sub-consultant. In addition, Eddie worked for almost 5 years as the lead surveyor for the Miami-Dade County Solid Waste Department. In July 2001, Eddie passed the state exam earning his license as a Professional Surveyor and Mapper. A month later he went on his own as a Sole Proprietor. In 2004 he formed P(3)SM LLC, which later became Longitude Surveyors LLC (LS) through a name change.


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